Living Consciously Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Living Consciously Blog's Non-Toxic Gift Guide Stockings Stuffers 2014

I’ve never done a Holiday Gift Guide before, but this year I really learned about some great brands and products that I think will truly help you give (or receive) this season in a way that will help you live more consciously in 2015, so I had to share! Read more...

How We Cultivate Thankfulness in our family

Thankfulness List 2013 | Living Consciously Blog

If the month of November snuck up on you, you’re not alone! It sneaks up on me every year, with my son’s birthday toward the end and then Halloween. Then I wake up and, BAM!, it’s November! So we aren’t terribly timely with our thankfulness crafts around here. Read more...

You have to get up pretty early

You have to get up pretty early: the sun coming up at 7am as I'm headed home | Living Consciously Blog

The sun coming up at 7am as I’m heading home.

How is the part time job going, Jenny? (I teach Lagree Fitness at a local studio – it’s a form of Pilates on the Megaformer)

Welllll, let me tell you.

For the past 2 years, I have been teaching a class or two on the weekend and 2-3 morning classes during the week. Read more...

Living Consciously Relaunch Detox Your Life Giveaway!

Detox Your Life Giveaway, over $120 Value | Living Consciously Blog

You might have noticed that this little blog has a new name! Read more about the switch to Living Consciously, formerly Conscientious Confusion here. In celebration of the relaunch, I personally contacted several of my favorite brands to donate items that I could giveaway to help YOU on your journey to live consciously within your body — inside and out! Read more...

GMO Labeling is NOT impossible: picture proof

US and UK versions of food - GMOs labeled, artificial colors removed | Living Consciously Blog

If you live in a state that has proposed labeling Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food, if you stand up for #LabelGMOs on social media and have been attacked by anti-labeling trolls, or if you have had any conversation at all with someone who is anti-GMO-labeling, you will have heard this claim: GMO labeling is prohibitively expensive and time consuming for companies. Read more...

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